USDA Loans Prosper Texas

USDA Loans Prosper Texas

USDA Loans Prosper Texas - USDA Rural Development Loan for  USDA DFW Homes and Mortgages Home Buyers

Purchase a Rural Home in Prosper, Texas with No Money Down Using USDA Loans

If you’ve been looking country suburb area to live in, USDA Loans of Prosper, Texas can help you locate the perfect home that you’re looking for! Prosper has actually been named as one of the top five suburbs by D Magazine, a highly regarded local magazine.

Here are some interesting numbers to get to know Prosper and it’s beautiful ethnicity diverse community. Since 2014, the small town of Prosper is meshed with 1.3% African American, 91.1% White 0.6% Native American,  and 1.9% Asian. 

To give you more perspective on the community of Prosper, a families median income for 2014 is $111.000.

If you have kids that will be attending schools down here, then you will find that Prosper High School will be an amazing choice for your kids. They have a 590-000 square foot school with a medical lab, a restaurant kitchen, a greenhouse, and a amazing indoor football facility. The entire high school cost $113.5 million to construct!

Although Prosper is a rural area, you are still in driving distance of Frisco, Plano, and McKinney areas! There are all less than twenty minutes away and have all your essential needs covered.

If you’re nervous about moving into a new area, don’t be. Prosper holds many friendly community events across the year ( These are great opportunities for you and your family members to meet others in your community and have a good time!


USDA Loans Prosper Texas - USDA Loan for New Construction for Dallas Fort Worth Areas Financing New Construction Using USDA Loan for Rural Development - Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas Surrounding AreasMake the home buying experience easy

Let our friendly and expert agents at USDA Loans of Prosper, Texas handle all the headaches and hassle that are commonly associated with home loan buying. We want to make sure our customers get the best service and care to move you forward to your new home.


When will I know how much I’m approved for my home loan?

USDA Loans of Prosper, Texas realizes this is one of the most common and important questions customers have about the home loan buying process.

When reviewing your application, there are many criteria and requirements that we review to make sure you’re receiving the correct amount. Criteria such as:

  1. Monthly income and your monthly expenses
  2. Credit history for the past several years
  3. Income, bonuses, commission, and if they’re reliable


If you’re interested about learning more about how much you’ll be able to receive, send us an email and one of our USDA Loans of Prosper Texas will contact you.


Which pre-qualifications do I need for a home loan?

The main qualifications for USDA Loans of Prosper, Texas area:

  • The residence ought to be in the vicinity that the USDA Rural Development (RD) is classified as rural.
  • If you’re going for the Guaranteed USDA Loan Program, then your income needs to be within 115% of the AMI.
  • If you’re interested in the Direct USDA Loan Program, the only requirement is 50-80% of AMI to pass qualification requirements for the home loan.

 USDA Loans Prosper Texas - Down Payment Assistance for Zero Down USDA Loans in Dallas and Fort Worth Areas Down Payments for USDA Loans Have Never Been Easier

An easy process for you

We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our services. Our USDA Loans of Prosper Texas will make sure they are there to help you every bit of the way until you purchase your new home.

Feel free to contact us at anytime for any questions or comments you have for us.

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