USDA Loans Fort Worth

USDA Loans Fort Worth

USDA Loans Fort Worth

Are you ready to buy your new home? USDA Loans of Forth Worth friendly officers are ready to help you move forward.

We understand the major headaches and challenges you go through when you’re applying for a home loan. It’s a confusing and tedious process. That’s why for the past 30 years, USDA Loans of Forth Worth have been helping home buyers just like you, get approved for home loans with a hassle-free experience.

Do you know what home you want to buy? If you don’t, that’s okay. USDA Loans of Fort Worth can help you in your home buying experience in other surrounding cities of Forth Worth, such as, Forrest Hill, Benbrook, Arlington, and other cities!

If you’re deciding on a single-family unit or a city home, keep your options open, because there are many homes to choose from.

But don’t worry, no matter where you buy your home, you’ll always be able to enjoy time with what Forth Worth has to offer. Everything from the Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, watching the Cowboys football team play at the AT&T Stadium, or trying out various restaurants in the area! There are a variety of fun and entertaining activities and events throughout the year in Forth Worth.

USDA Loans Fort Worth - Rural Homes purchased using USDA Loans in and around Fort Worth TexasHow much will you get with your loan?

Are you wondering how much you’ll be able to receive with your loan?

Well, there are several factors to determine the USDA loan amount you’ll be able to receive:

  1. Relationship between your income and expenses
  2. Your income, bonuses, commission, and if they’re reliable
  3. Employment history
  4. And many others


Use USDA loan to refinance your existing higher home loan

Would you be interested in reducing 2 major cost of buying a home? USDA Loans of Forth Worth allow you to refinance your current home loan to a manageable rate. Here are the rates that can be reduced:

  • The Guarantee Fee. This charge comes down from 2% to 0.5 % when you are doing a refinance with the USDA loan.
  • Interest rate. This is applicable to borrowers that have presently run the 25-year variable-rate for home loans and will refinance using USDA loan.


But don’t worry; lowering your existing mortgage rates doesn’t end there. You can bring down any high existing mortgage rates when you refinance with the USDA loan.

Down Payment Assistance for Zero Down - USDA Loans Fort Worth

Which Pre-Qualifications Do I need for a home loan?

The main qualifications for Dallas USDA loan include:

  • The residence ought to be in the vicinity that the USDA Rural Development (RD) is classified as rural. This includes non-metro areas of your city – Fort Worth surround areas.
  • If you’re going for the Guaranteed USDA Loan Program, then your income needs to be within 115% of the AMI.
  • If you’re interested in the Direct USDA Loan Program, the only requirement is 50-80% of AMI to pass qualification requirements for the home loan.

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