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Floorguard® is a high quality, extremely durable, and easy to clean flooring system. Unlike tiles that can come loose or paint and sealants that can peel, the fully warranted Floorguard® surface is a thick, seamless system that CREATES A IRON LIKE BOND to concrete. Its rich, attractive finish shrugs off spills and stains, and it resists fading from UV exposure to remain looking like new for many years to come. Don’t settle for less than the best. There are look-alike products on the market that try to follow our lead, but there is no product on the market that can beat Floorguard® for quality and value. We have been producing garage floor coatings for over three decades, continually updating our products as new technology becomes available. To create a floor that’s just right for your home, you can select from a wide variety of attractive colors designed to complement fine homes of every style.

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Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) a juicy, soft fruit of an orange-yellow colour resembling a small peach. Apricots are native to Armenia, although it is believed that Apricots may have originated in China. The fruit is widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Central Asia. The largest producer of Apricots is Turkey. The seeds of apricot called kernels have […]

Jasmine is a shrub that belongs to the olive family. It is widely & best known for its sweet fragrance and mostly cultivated for its ornamental value & the strong fragrance. The fragrance becomes stronger after the sun sets. Jasmine plants can be erect, climbing or spreading depending on the species. Similarly, some species of […]

Hibiscus is a delicate plant that is mostly known for its beauty. It is commonly grown in home and kitchen gardens as a beautiful ornamental plant with flowers in pleasing & vibrant colors. There are several hundred species of hibiscus, many of which are traditionally used for medicinal & beauty applications. Traditional Uses of Hibiscus […]


Monsoons come as a welcome break from the summer heat but also bring a number of challenges for your skin. Dry and chapped lips, sore skin, oily skin, pimples, infections, zits etc. are common skin issues during monsoons. Here are some natural Skin Care remedies that you can try at home and have your skin […]

  • The rainy season is here! Alas, the summer heat is taking a back seat and making way for the rains to cool down the temperature. For you to enjoy this monsoon season thoroughly, you need to take care of your skin and hair to stay away from problems that you could face in the monsoon […]

  • The monsoon season is here and it is time to enjoy rains and a cooler climate. What is the fun of getting wet and dancing in the rain if you end up with skin problems? The combination of humidity and heat leading to constant sweating as well as drying of sweat can cause a host […]

    Monsoon Skin Care Remedies

    10 Skin Care Tips in Monsoons

    5 Skin Problems during Monsoons


    Houseboat Adventures is a family-run company, owned by Lorelie and Jeff Gordon. Back in the early 80’s they travelled across Canada looking for the best lake to relocate to and embark on their idea of renting houseboats. They hit the jackpot when they came to the amazing Lake of the Woods – it was destined to be their home.

    Their 3 boys Jayme, Joel & Trevor have all grown up with houseboats and began working with their parents at a very young age. They would travel to work by fishing boat, lunches in hand to their Saturday job cleaning fishing boats at age 10 and by mid teens they were comfortable piloting the houseboats and giving navigation lessons for their guests.

    Kenora continues to be their home. The boys may be off to university, but they come home every summer to work with their parents and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The Gordon’s have welcomed their guests for over 30 years.

    We welcome you to come share our passion and experience all that we have to offer.


    We take great pride in knowing that the business we run is an investment in our family to provide the quality you can trust.


    Our staff have over 80 years of combined knowledge to provide a great feeling of comfort and security on your adventure.


    We love our lake and we want you to love it too. So we take every step to ensure the future of Lake of the Woods.

    No worries mate. We are always here to help you with your booking process, so you can focus on your exciting houseboat vacation.


    How early should I reserve a houseboat?
    Many of our bookings are made 6 months or more in advance and some of our guests reserve for next season when they depart their current houseboat vacation. Some models are more popular but if you are flexible on the dates that helps too. Sometimes a last-minute request can be accommodated. Contact us and we would happy to check availability.

    I have never driven a houseboat – can I still rent one?
    Many of our guests have never driven a houseboat. Our guests receive a comprehensive package of information prior to their rental. We include a Cruising and Operators Guide and a map. The guide has all of the information required for you to plan your “Houseboat Adventure” including navigational and instructional information, fishing tips, customs information for our US guests and much more. Upon arrival we review houseboat operation and provide a Captain’s lesson and navigation instruction. We will even take you out on your houseboat for a few miles to ensure you are comfortable at the helm.

    Do I need a special license to drive the houseboat?
    Transport Canada regulations require all operators of motorized pleasure craft (including houseboats) in Canada to have Proof of Operator Competency. As an operator of a houseboat business we are able to issue you a “Proof of Competency”, which acts as your boating license while you are driving our boats. We have always provided extensive information and training to our guests. We want you to feel comfortable driving and navigating and have a safe and wonderful vacation.

    How do I communicate with the base if I have a question during my rental?
    We have VHF marine radios aboard all of our houseboats for ship-to-shore communication. There is also very good cell phone coverage over most of the Lake to contact us by phone.

    Where do I dock at night?
    You would beach the houseboat and tie up. There are hundreds of beaches on our huge lake for you to explore. We have marked about 80 beaches on our personalized map for our guests’ convenience. We provide full instruction as to how to secure the houseboat.

    Can I fish from the houseboat?
    It is a great experience to have your coffee in hand and cast off the houseboat deck early morning when all is quiet. However, most of our fishermen prefer to have a boat to fish with.

    What if I forget something can I come back to your dock?
    Generally once our guests leave our dock they do not return until the end of their vacation. We offer a mid-week service run for our guests and deliver extra supplies you may require. Small fuel surcharge applicable.

    What is included in your prices?
    We include tax (13% HST), insurance, free parking, septic pumpout, 16’ fishing boat (motor extra, bring your own or rent ours), generator, navigation charts, kitchen supplies and bedding. For a complete list of what each houseboat includes in its features see: What We Supply

    Are there additional costs not included in your price?

    • Fuel and propane, which averages about $200 per trip
    • Motor for the fishing boat (fishing boat included) – you can rent ours or bring your own. A fishing boat and motor is required as, in the event of an emergency you have the ability to act immediately such as boat back into our City quickly. Our hospital has boat docking. Having a boat and motor along also makes exploring and fishing enjoyable.
    • Cleaning charge – if required. Our houseboats are supplied clean and we request you return them clean. We do not expect our guests to scrub floor or walls, but a general tidy-up ensuring dishes are clean and items are put away is expected. If cleaning charges are accessed: 44’ $175, 49’ $200, 58’ $275, 68’ $350

    Quanto Costa Clomid

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