Generation U

Generation U

While on the set the other day, we had a couple who had never been on film before. They were living in their RV and needed the cash for tags and gas money. They had spent the last of what they had to make it to the film shoot. He was really nervous, to nervous it turns out.

We gave them lots of breaks and were very reassuring but after two hours, this was not going to happen. They really needed the money and he began to cry. He laid in his woman鎶?arms, a broken man. He had not worked a job in years. He had suffered the same fate as so many in construction industry. After the economy went belly up, he was boom beach cheats tool forced to first sell first his tools and then everything else, just to get by.

People often speak of generation X or generation Y but I have come to realize that a new multi demographic generation has merged so many into generation U (Unemployed-Under Employed) The have not鎶?are now a sub nation unto themselves with ranks that are indeed growing at a geometric rate. With over 41 million people on food stamps and unemployment in the low teens and that is the conservative amount. So many in this land have woken up to the fact that their children probably drop out of school or worse, there may be no education for them to leave.

As of right now many schools across the land have begun requiring parents to send toilet paper and other school supplies with their young one due to budget shortages. In Arizona it is not even required to have your child in school until they are 8 years of age. In many states the four day school week is becoming the norm and at many high schools patents now have to pay for their kid鎶?text books. I see a time in the very near future when all grades at all schools will be pay as you go just like college. It does not take a social scientist to see what this will do to the workforce. In the near future we will look very much like Brazil.

At Desperate Amateurs we try to help people while using to footage to gather sales to run our operation. Without profits we will go the way of the dinosaurs. The numbers of people that are now replying to our ads are truly shocking. I really wish that we could help them all. The couple that had a failed shoot was paid more than then other production companies would have given. In many cases they might not have paid at all. We have heard some pretty bad tails from some of our talent about other film companies.

Some will write checks that bounce while other will tell the girls that they are doing an audition shoot and that if the producer likes what he sees then she will come back for paid work. That girl just did a scene for free. We have worked very hard to establish a good reputation and to treat everyone who works for us with dignity and respect. My concern with are current economic climate that with so many people in need that they will put their good judgment aside and have a really bad experience that will not even be paid for.

Generation U is by far the most vulnerable of the demographics that I have witnessed. During the Depression of the 1930s many were forced to migrate west to find better work. This Depression is so very different for there is no place to migrate too. Many of the skills our grandparents knew like farming and how to preserve food are lost to a great many of us. I feel that we as a people are best electric kettle reivews more dominations cheats hack tool vulnerable than ever to the forces of the economy and the potential for fear has not been this great since the time of Germany in the 1920s.

Generation U stands at the edge of the abyss and I do not know what will happen next but what will happen will be soon.
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