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According to the New York Times, “The suspect, booked as Rubin Stacy, was hanged to a roadside tree within sight of the home of Mrs. Marion Jones, thirty year old mother of three children, who identified him as her assailant.” Six deputies were escorting Stacy to a Dade County jail in Miami for “safekeeping.” The six deputies were “overpowered” by approximately one hundred masked men, who ran their car off the road. “As far as we can figure out,” Deputy Wright was quoted as saying,”they just picked him up with the rope from the ground-didn’t bother to push him from an automobile or anything. He was filled full of bullets, too. I guess they shot him before and after they hanged him.”

“Subsequent investigation revealed that Stacy, a homeless tenant farmer, had gone to the house to ask for food; the woman became frightened and screamed when she saw Stacy’s face.”

James Weldon Johnson captured the disconcerting tone of this photo when he described the epidemic of whites lynching blacks as a “problem of saving black America’s body and white America’s soul.”

The penciled inscription on the back refers to the murder of Jim Rush or Bush. There are eight listings in Decatur County of African American men lynched during this period. One of these lynchings was of a black man, Tok Seabwright, for assaults on two black girls. A black mob took him from county officials, lynched him, and riddled his body with bullets.

  • Turisti nei Cian Voluntourism: “I cannot say enough about this experience. We are in Germany, Austria, Italy & France for a month and this day is my favorite. Connecting and helping locals is the best way to honor & experience our huge world”.

  • Please consider making a donation to Save Vernazza. Together we can make a difference

    Save Vernazza’s Mission

    A non-profit organization committed to rebuild, restore and preserve Vernazza following the Oct. 25, 2011 disaster.

    Join Voluntourism

    Built by John Pompeo

    What started out as a hobby in my spare time has turned in to, as I felt there was a need within the hobby for quality decals for model trucks and trailers.

    Brad started this as a home based business that has been in operation since 2007 and I took over in early 2010. We look forward to serving model truckin hobbyist for many years to come.

    At we offer a wide variety of water slide decals for model trucks and trailers. Our decals come in 1/16,1/25, 1/32, 1/43, and 1/64 with the main focus on 1/24-1/25 scale.

    My idea plate is overrunning with all kinds of ideas for the kits mentioned above as well as bringing back some discontinued decals. New stripes are always in the works and I have almost had to quit building.


    They help to supply us with what we need to keep this hobby alive, so give them your support and tell them you heard about them from

    Thank you to those that have signed up and already ordered, and I look forward to hearing from all.

    Jerry (a.k.a. – phoneguy)

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