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Online shopping has become a popular way to purchase items without encountering the hassles of traffic and crowds. However, the internet has its own risks, so it’s important to protect yourself when shopping online. Here are some tips: Beware email requests.Legitimate businesses don’t send emails asking for personal data, but hackers often do. Pay with credit cards online.Most credit cards.

There is POWER IN NUMBERS! Our MAILHANDLERS UNION was on the front lines fighting for equality. Check out the video and witness our commitment to the fight. You should recognize some faces from Local 306

The last order of business at any NPMHU National Convention is always selecting a site for the next quadrennial convention. Under the rules governing the 2016 National Convention, delegates were able to submit, on or before 5:00 p.m. on August 24, any location covered by the 37 Local Unions for consideration by the delegates. This year, seventeen submissions were made.

Survey on young voters’ preferences NOW ON-LINE The new survey that shows young voters favor political mail over other forms of political advertising is now online. The report, which was recently released, can be downloaded from the Postal Service’s Deliver the Win site. Conducted by USPS and the American Association of Political Consultants, the study shows 42 percent of young.

Take advantage of the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Open Season. For the first time in 12 years, as a FEGLIeligible employee you can enroll in or increase your FEGLI coverage for yourself and eligible dependent family members – without answering any medical questions or having a physical examination. All career employees are eligible to participate. Almost everyone needs.

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Thank you for visiting the Official Home of Sean Connery Day. Sean Connery Day is an annual celebration of all things Connery held on August 25th which is the birthday of Sir Sean Connery. On that day everyone is encouraged to “Talk Like Sean Connery” too!

The inaugural Sean Connery Day was held in 2010 to celebrate Sir Connery’s 80th birthday and the tradition continues annually.

So what should you do on August 25th to celebrate? For starters you can do your best impersonation efforts when talking with your friends and co-workers. The easiest way to do this is to speak with a dignified British/Scottish style accent and add a “sh” on the end of your words or the occasional “lass” mention will work too. You can also throw in names from some of his films into your sentences like “Moneypenny”, “MacLeod”, or even phrases from the SNL Jeopardy skits with Darrell Hammond like “Suck it Trebeck” and his hilarious laugh. One of the best ways to celebrate Sean Connery Day is to watch films from his amazing career and share discuss your favorite scenes. You could have a party and invite friends over or talk to your favorite pub about showing some of the movies there at the bar.

Not only will this site serve as the Official Home of Sean Connery Day, it will also be a site dedicated to all the best Connery related quotes, videos, and more. Everything you need for year round Sean Connery fandom.

Above all have fun on 8/25 and thank you to Sir Sean Connery for providing the world with a wonderful collection of TV and Film works.

This site is maintained and owned by Chad Elkins. All images and movie content are credited when the source is known. This site does not own any of the images displayed.

2013 Sean Connery Day image courtesy of Amanda Roberts Design

Clomid Price At Walgreens

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